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Yuyao Jiaqiao Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of specialized car accessories and tools. The company has made a name for itself in the industry through its high-quality products and customer-oriented services. As a company, Jiaqiao has climbed the ranks in the industry and has become a prominent player in the market. With the company's primary focus on manufacturing 12VDC car air compressors, car vacuum cleaners, roadside emergency tools, and accessories, Jiaqiao has established its niche market and competes with other top brands of the industry.


Jiaqiao prides itself in its diverse range of 12VDC car air compressors with varying designs and functionalities. The product range includes portable air compressors, digital compressors, cordless air compressors, heavy-duty dual motor air compressors, and mini tire inflators. The air compressors' functionality varies from aerating air mattresses, swimming pools, and water toys, to inflating car tires, bikes, and sports equipment. Furthermore, Jiaqiao's portable air compressors are lightweight, compact and can fit in the vehicle's trunk effortlessly. The digital air compressors offer a precise and accurate reading of tire pressure, allowing drivers to adjust the tire pressure to the manufacturer's recommended level. Moreover, the cordless air compressors are an ideal solution for vehicles with tire rims that are hard to reach. Hence, Jiaqiao's 12VDC car air compressors cater to different user preferences and requirements and offer a reliable and convenient solution for emergency roadside situations.

Similarly, Jiaqiao's car vacuum cleaners come in different sizes and designs that cater to various user requirements. The company's car vacuum cleaners have powerful suction, allowing for a thorough cleaning of the vehicle's interior. The vacuum cleaners come with different attachments, such as crevice tools, brush heads, and extension hoses, catering to different cleaning needs. Additionally, Jiaqiao's car vacuum cleaners have an LED light feature that allows users to see and clean hard-to-reach areas, such as under car seats and dashboard.

Roadside Emergency Tools:

Jiaqiao also manufactures roadside emergency kits that cater to unforeseen situations on the road. The roadside emergency kit includes a jump starter, a battery charger, and a tire repair kit, among other things. Jiaqiao's jump starter can instantly jump-start a vehicle, and its battery charger can recharge a car battery in a matter of hours. Moreover, Jiaqiao's tire repair kit comes with plugs and needles, allowing users to perform a temporary repair of a punctured tire on the roadside. Overall, Jiaqiao's roadside emergency tools provide a comprehensive solution for unexpected situations on the road.

International Certificates:

Jiaqiao's products conform to international standards, and most of the products have international certificates to back up the quality and functionality of the products. The company has earned various certifications such as CE, ROHS, CCC, and ISO9001:2008, among others. The certifications show Jiaqiao's commitment to offering quality products that meet the requisite standards and guidelines.

Customer-oriented Services:

Jiaqiao's primary focus is on providing customer-oriented services that cater to the needs and requirements of its customers. The company invests heavily in research and development, product design, and quality control to provide customers with high-quality products. Moreover, Jiaqiao's customer service team is always available to answer customer queries and provide support. The team is knowledgeable and experienced, offering professional guidance and solutions to customer complaints.


Yuyao Jiaqiao Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of specialized car accessories and tools. The company's primary focus is on manufacturing 12VDC car air compressors, car vacuum cleaners, roadside emergency tools, and accessories. Jiaqiao's products conform to international standards, with most of the products having international certificates. Additionally, Jiaqiao's customer-oriented services, ranging from research and development, product design, quality control, and customer support, provide customers with high-quality products and an excellent user experience. Therefore, Jiaqiao continues to grow and compete with other top brands in the market.
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