13025, 30mm Piston Air Compressor

1. Vehicle-mounted air pump is suitable for inflating tires of cars and motorcycles, balls, rubber boats, etc., with a wide range of applications. 2. It can play its emergency rescue function when it is on the highway, the field, or any place, when the tire of a car suddenly leaks. 3. Prepare one at any time and place it in the trunk of the car, so it does not take up space 4. Car tires maintain correct tire pressure at all times, which can save gasoline, protect tires and ensure driving safety.

Products Details


Heavy Duty Plastic Shell Air Compressor – 40mm Dual-Piston
List of Features:
1)150PSI (11 Bars) Maximum Pressure;
2)Powered by DC12V 2.5m power cord with red/black clamps;
4)Maximum Ampere: 45A;
5)Air gauge included;
6)PU/PE long spring air hose;
7)Very comfortable handle;
8)Accessories: 2 nozzles and 1 sport needle
9)Fuse on power cord

Machanical Properties
Material ABS, Fe., Aluminum, Copper, Rubber, etc
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Power 12V45A Maximum
Power Supply 2.5m with car cigarette lighter adapter
Switch Compressor ON/OFF
Inflating Characteristic
Max Pressure 150PSI, determined by the gauge range
Piston & Cylinder 40mm*2
Air hose 5m PU/PE
Output Volume 150LPM
Inflating Speed Appr. 2-3mins (195/60R14)
Accessories 2 Nozzle adapters & 1 sports needle
Single pack Form + Color box+bag
Outer Pack
Main Function

Optional Feature:

  • Change color of unit
  • Branded package like label, color box or double blister;
  • Optional hand bag as inner packing


Typical Characters

Matters needing attention:
1. Do not use to inflate the tires of large and overweight vehicles, such as trucks, large trucks, and container trucks.
2. When using, please start the car's engine to increase the power without consuming the car battery power.
3. This machine is limited to DC (DC12V) power supply, and household high-voltage power supply is not allowed.
4. When inflating, please cool down and rest for 10 minutes of continuous work to extend the life of the motor. When the inflatable boat is inflated, it can work continuously for 30 minutes
5. When a general tire is inflated, it can reach the normal tire pressure of 220KPA in about 1-2 minutes. Big tires will take a little longer. If the pointer of the meter rises rapidly when the inflation is started, it means that the air has not been filled into the tire. You must stop working and restart the operation, otherwise, the meter and the motor will be damaged.
6. When using, don't leave the body, pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, and don't be too saturated.
7. The machine should avoid dampness, heavy falls and sand and mud intrusion, and prevent children from playing with it to avoid damage.

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