14008, Heavy Duty 40mm Piston Air Compressor - Metal crust

1)150PSI (11 Bars) Maximum Pressure; 2)Powered by DC12V 2.5m power cord with red/black clamps; 3)Compressor on/off switch; 4)Maximum Ampere: 45A; 5)Air gauge included; 6)PU/PE long spring air hose;

Products Details


1)Very comfortable handle;
2)Accessories: 2 nozzles and 1 sport needle
3)Fuse on power cord
4)Single packForm + Color box+bag
5)Outer Pack 56.5*33*48cm,4pcs,24kgs

Machanical Properties
Material ABS, Fe., Aluminum, Copper, Rubber, etc
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Power 12V45A Maximum
Power Supply 2.5m with car cigarette lighter adapter
Switch Compressor ON/OFF
Inflating Characteristic
Max Pressure 150PSI, determined by the gauge range
Piston & Cylinder 40mm*2
Air hose 5m PU/PE
Output Volume 150LPM
Inflating Speed Appr. 2-3mins (195/60R14)
Accessories 2 Nozzle adapters & 1 sports needle
Single pack Form + Color box+bag
Outer Pack
Main Function

1. Use car cigarette lighter power to quickly inflate car and motorcycle tires.
2. When working on the highway, in the field or in the morning, when the car tires suddenly leak, it can play its emergency rescue function.
3. Prepare one at any time and place it in the trunk of the car without taking up space.
4. Can quickly inflate the ball, inflatable ball, etc.
5. There is an air pressure indicator, which can accurately measure the air pressure of the tire.
6. The shell is sturdy and durable, packed in a color box, compact and easy to carry.

Typical Characters

Instructions for use:
1. Screw the top valve of the rubber hose directly into the tire valve. When you hear the tire flattening sound, it means that the air has circulated.
2. Take out the plug and connect the cigarette lighter.
3. Turn on the motor to start inflation.
4. When inflating, the indicator pointer begins to rise with the air pressure, and when the large pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure of the car (generally, the tire pressure of a car is 30-40PSI), turn off the inflator switch and rotate the air nozzle.

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